Hip Hop 101: Big L

Good evening everyone and thanks for stopping by. I know I try to get these shows out on time but where does all the time go? Lol, well today we have got a good show. I am going to download some shots from thedoover.net from the great pool party we attended this afternoon in palm springs. And hello to all the beautiful women that attended too! Anyway, on to today’s show..


Well I guess with a new home comes new growing pains. I was hoping this would go smoother but.. THANKS FOR COMING..

So Today’s artist, is a CEO, an activist, a Producer and a legendary Emcee. PARIS has been in the game since 1990 and is still making moves and putting out new music. With songs with the likes of DEAD PREZ, IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE AND P.E. it goes without saying the man’s got his street cred. 

Special shouts out to our listeners in Japan!  We see you! So today there is a new bonus.. wait for it. An instrumental beat. Some folks were asking if I was still going to drop the free downloads and the answer is YES.

Hip Hop 101: Big L

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